Yet another 07-07-07 wedding

Aaron's grandparents are among my favorite people in the world. This Saturday we went to his cousin's wedding and I was looking forward to one thing especially: the big reveal.

Let me explain. Aaron's grandmother had been messing with his cousin since she announced she was getting married, and his cousin had bought it all, hook, line, and sinker. First, Grandma had told his cousin that she wanted to be the flower girl, and no she's not kidding, why do you ask?

Next, Grandma started working on her flower girl outfit. The first piece of the outfit was her skirt: a pleated black skirt with the wedding colors (orange, teal, purple, hot pink) inside the pleats. She couldn't decide which color to match the shirt though. Next, since it was a beach wedding, she'd need a big floppy hat, and to make it match the outfit, she'd tie ribbons around the brim, and cut them nice and long so they'd flow down her back. (A short aside: the groom's family is from England, and they were all wearing big floppy hats. We should have all worn a hat like Grandma's because it was a beach wedding, sunny, over ninety degrees, and we were out there for over 45 minutes.)

Finally there were the shoes. She borrowed a pair from a friend to show the bride. They were hot pink platforms with straps that went up her legs. And a totally awesome part of this prank. By this time the bride was freaking out, especially when she was trying to figure out how to tell grandma that she already had flower girls.

When Grandma showed up for the wedding wearing a beautiful black and white skirt, black shirt, and white sandals, the bride cried she was so happy. She really thought that Grandma was going to wear her proposed outfit. It was hilarious.

It was almost the most fun part of the wedding.

Aaron and I were off of work from Wednesday through the weekend and had a fabulous time. Pictures of our good time will be up on Flickr tomorrow. I just wish it wasn't already over. Reality really does bite.


audrey said...
July 11, 2007 at 2:16 PM

Oh, man, I would have loved to see a picture of that outfit! What an awesome grandma!

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