Being Away

This week I have a long trip for work. I am mostly dreading it, but there are some parts I'm looking forward to, like:
  • A quiet hotel room, all to myself
  • Going out to a nice restaurant without kids/worrying if they'll have anything my kids will eat
  • Evening cocktails
  • Time to read books (I'm planning on reading Gone Girl, and The Night Circus)
  • A quiet hotel room, all to myself
I'm not looking to the 5+ hour flight, two days of sitting in conference sessions, public speaking, and then another 5+ hour flight. Plus, my presentation is at the end of the day on the first day. You know, 4:00 PM, Pacific time. Not when I'm typically at my best, for sure.

It's so hot....

It is currently 97 degrees here. Tomorrow's high is predicted to be over 100 degrees.

Here are the reasons I know it is far too hot, up here in the great white north:

Random afternoon thunderstorms are popping up, a la Florida where my in-laws claim it rains every afternoon because of the heat.

Any and all makeup and deodorant I applied this morning were negated by the 20 yard walk to my car at lunch.

And my favorite: Last night at dinner, Gabbie announced that her butt crack was all sweaty and gross.

It's so hot that I almost fell out of my chair laughing at my 4-year-old.
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