Why, yes. We do have a weird sense of humor.

Have you ever watched the new-ish MTV show "Rob and Big"? If not, you should. It never makes me fail to laugh quite a bit.

Well, on this season of the show Rob and Big get a miniature horse. Do you know what's cuter than a miniature horse? A baby miniature horse. I don't know this because of the show, but instead I know this because there's a miniature horse farm right down the road from where I work. Seriously. I drive that way home from work regularly even though it's about a quarter-mile out of my way just so that I can see the horses. And all this even though I'm not a horse kind of person.

I will admit I am a sucker for all things small and miniature. Baby tennis shoes that look just like the adult version, but teeny-tiny sized? Cutest thing ever! Tea sets made little girl sized? Aaron had to tear me away from them on our last visit to Ikea, saying "We don't have any kids!" with me replying "But...but...SO CUTE!". He said no and I listened. Begrudgingly.

Anyway, none of this is the point. The other day when I was driving home from work during the warm sunny afternoon I saw a bunch of baby miniature horses sleeping in the field. I told Aaron about it, and he asked, "How were they sleeping?"

I looked at him weird and said, "On their sides."

"Can horses sleep on their sides?"

"Well, I hope so. Otherwise I saw a field full of dead baby miniature horses."

And then we laughed hysterically for at least five minutes. I love that we crack ourselves up so much.


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