The dishwasher sounded suspicious this morning, too

This past Sunday I opened the refrigerator and noticed it looked, well not right. I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly was wrong and then it clicked: the lightbulb had burned out. At least this was an easy fix. Aaron got a new bulb on Tuesday and we were right as rain again.

Wednesday I got home from work and turned on the kitchen lights only to realize that one light, way at the pinacle of the cathedral ceiling, had burned out. This one's not such an easy fix. So we called the landlord to fix it.

As I was calling, Aaron called out, "Tell them the air conditioner's not working either!"

It was blowing air all over the place, but not cooled air. Which is a problem, since, you know, that's its sole reason for being and all. So we told the landlord to fix the air conditioning too.

Thursday I got home from work to find my door unlocked, my utility closet standing wide open, and the broken air conditioner blowing hot air all over the place. You better believe I called the office to complain, especially since he called to say he had looked at it about 3 hours before I got home.


Yesterday, he fixed the air conditioner (I haven't thought to check the kitchen light. Note to self: look up when you get home and turn on the light) and I got home to the air conditioner doing what it was meant to do. And all the windows wide open.

Grrr.... once again.

Then this morning I got to work and my desk lamp wasn't working. I joked about being a "Slider" but my uber-young officemate didn't get the reference.

All I can say is that I am super-duper happy it's Friday and that Aaron and I are planning to not leave the bed and/or couch for fear that we'll break something else.


audrey said...
July 27, 2007 at 4:16 PM

not leaving the bed or the couch? hmmm...sounds suspiciously like you may have ulterior motives in mind. like maybe in addition to not breaking anything, you'll also try to make something!

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