My Apologies...

to any male readers out there.

I've decided, just this past weekend, that getting your period is a horrible way to find out that you're not pregnant. Not only are you bummed about the whole no baby thing, but you also have to deal with bloating, exhaustion, cramping, cravings, and hormones that will make you cry irregardless if you have any thing to be upset about in the first place.

I spent yesterday on my parents' couch. Yes, actually, it was the entire day that I spent there. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. with cramps and headed out to the couch to read and suffer somewhere I wouldn't wake up Aaron. I stayed there all day because the pain was so ridiculous. I used a heating pad, went through about 6 ibuprofen, and any other thing we could think about to try to help. I also slept for about half of the day because I was just completely whipped. Also fun? Being so bloated that none of the pants I took with me for the weekend would fit. Oh, wait. That's another f-word: frustrating.

Aaron was looking at me this morning, and said "You still look like you feel horrible. Maybe we should take you to the doctor."

I told him it was pointless, since the only thing they'd recommend for the diagnosis of a "heinous period" would be birth control, which he agreed would be opposite of what we wanted. Although, if I hadn't had period-related-amnesia due to 8 years of barely noticeable periods thanks to birth control, I might have never gone off birth control in the first place.

Did that even make sense?

I think I need yet another nap.


donna said...
July 15, 2007 at 9:40 PM

I am feeling very sympathetic. I am having my first period in almost eighteen months and it is murder. Ugh. I just wish I had been able to curl up on my parents' couch all day.

Hope you are feeling better soon and this is your last one for a good long while!

CPA Mom said...
July 16, 2007 at 11:36 AM

I remember well those days of disappointment...and pain! Hang in there. ((((HUGS))))

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