Maybe I should find a new hobby

The other morning I was looking around in my jewelery box for a pair of earrings to wear, when I noticed a pair I hadn't seen in a while. Let me clarify, actually I hadn't seen one of the pair since I was 19. Before I even had the jewelery box. Five apartments ago. Yet there they both were, asking to be polished up and worn.

This freaked me out. I mean, I only had the one (and I have no idea why I hang on to single earrings, but maybe this is the reason) for 8 years now. But, freaked out or not, I polished them (they're silver hoops) and wore them to work that day.

Then I told Aaron about it and completely freaked him out. Is it wrong that picking on him like that and making his squirm is fun for me? Because it totally makes my day.

At least I've never tried to convince him that the sun was burning out by 2010.

(In my defense it was before 7 in the morning and I'd had no coffee at that point. It's easy to get me to believe things before my coffee.)


Humor Girl said...
July 4, 2007 at 12:16 PM's the little things that make your day! :)

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