My fun thing for yesterday (which might not sound like much fun) was a 30 minute workout on the elliptical machine at our work gym. I also did 30 minutes of EA Active, so I felt like a superhero. I love the elliptical almost as much as I love step classes, so it felt good to get back on one.

But today. Today is apparently my un-fun day. Un-fun thing number 1 is that the swim class that I signed Gabbie and I up for is cancelled because we were the only people that signed up. But at least that negates un-fun thing number two which was going to be swim suit shopping. I think that's the most un-fun thing ever.

So instead, we're going out to eat for dinner, which is fun. I also had some delicious Indian food (and a basket of naan) for lunch, so that was fun too. All this fun today is negating my fun from yesterday. Also I think I said fun too much in this post (10 times).


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