Almost Perfect

Tonight we went out for pizza at a local pub where Aaron and I used to hang out. We haven't been since I was pretty early in my pregnancy with Gabbie, so it's been a while to say the least. Let me tell you, I missed their pizza a lot. It's amazing.

While we were there someone put some fun songs on the juke box - Journey, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson - many of Gabbie's favorite songs to dance to. And dance she did. She had about half the restaurant smiling because of her "moves". Great food, great entertainment - this has been a great night.

Then I got home and went to start a new load of laundry and walked into the laundry room to see that I had started my last load but never closed the top of the washer, so they just sat there in water for the past couple of hours. I guess everything was going too well; I had to screw up something.

Luckily I had a large hard cider, so I'm feeling too good to care.


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