My weekend by the numbers

(Idea shamelessly stollen from the Rude Cactus)

2: Number of nights in a row we ate pizza.

6: Loads of laundry done

6: Also the number of bags Aaron filled up with leaves raked yet again from our back yard (it would be nice if they would all fall at once instead of over many weeks.) We were busy yesterday!

0: Number of baked goods I made, which is unusual for me.

1: Number of times I ran the dishwasher, also unusual for me on the weekends. Usually it's at least 3 due to all the cooking I do.

162: Number of times Gabbie ran around me in circles. Literally.

4: Really funny jokes I made usuing the word "Literally." The above was one of them.

0: Number of other people who laughed at my really funny jokes. At least I amuse myself, right?

So, not the most exciting weekend ever, but I sure enjoyed the hell out of it!


Cassie said...
November 17, 2009 at 1:54 PM

Earlier this fall I heard a commercial on the radio about how instead of raking your leaves, you should mow them, because they're natural mulch for the grass. So that was our excuse to be lazy and not rake our back yard this year. We did rake the front, but that was only because there were more leaves than we could possibly mow, and our town does leaf pick-up. The bagging is the worst so it was a great excuse to avoid it this year!

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