Today I am:

- Making last minute panic business/calling cards for Blogher. Thank the Lord for all of the talented people on Etsy and elsewhere on the internet. I was able to find some cheap, adorable cards that I could customize and print myself!

- Deciding what Gabbie should eat while I’m gone. I need to have stuff prepped and a list for her meals so that she doesn’t only eat macaroni and cheese, soy dogs, and yogurt the entire time I’m gone.

- Dealing with a gross bathroom situation – there’s this place where I go every day, and at this place there’s a person who uses toilet seat covers but doesn’t flush them when she’s done using them. So they sit there, on the seat. What, she thinks someone else might want to use the same cover? Isn’t that kind of counter the original purpose of said cover? How long before my head explodes from the stupidity of it all?

- Speaking of heads exploding, mine actually might today.

- Counting down the minutes until I go get a trim and eyebrow wax this afternoon. How sad is it that I consider someone using hot wax on my face and tearing hairs out by the root somehow relaxing? Maybe it’s just because I get to lay down in a quiet place without someone crawling all over me, biting me when the kiss me (I was sure she was going to leave a mark last night, which would, of course, be perfect timing), or trying to stick their finger in my eyes and ears and nose and mouth. (Can you tell I’m ready for a brief reprieve?)

- Ordering pizza for dinner. Seriously not cooking tonight even if I did have junk food for lunch too.

- Working like crazy to get stuff done before I take two vacation days this week. Two days that I cannot wait for with even a modicum of patience.


Cassie said...
July 21, 2009 at 2:18 PM

I have a different but equally disgusting bathroom dilemma that I deal with around here on a regular basis, but I will say no more than that. People are just gross.

I hope you have a great time at BlogHer! I should have gone this year -- it's probably the closest they'll get to Ohio and I don't DO planes.

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