A No Good, Very Bad Day

Let’s say you wake up, to your daughter’s cries, with that distinct wrong-side-of-the bed feeling. She seems wide awake and ready to go, and you know you’re up for the day – at 4:30 a.m. So you take her downstairs and flip on Kung Fu Panda so she can tune in while you catch some Zs. You’re in the recliner, half asleep, 2 hours later, when you feel something fall down your shirt. Then you feel whatever it was start to crawl further down your shirt.

(The shirt was immediately torn off and the bug killed – the daughter, who had fallen asleep, stayed asleep through this all, but I was definitely awake by this time.)

So, you’re up, still crabby, and completely squicked out by a member of what you’re calling “the welcoming committee” – all different sorts of bugs you keep finding around the house. Then you burn yourself with your straightening iron. Bang-up start to the day, right?

So, would you take it as a sign that you should just call the day a wash if, when you go out to lunch, your bill totals $6.66? Or maybe it can all only get better from here. Let’s hope that’s the case!


Cassie said...
July 14, 2009 at 9:51 AM

Yikes! I would have seriously freaked out too. Our house is really old (it was built in 1904) and even though we replaced pretty much everything, we still have tons of spiders in our bathroom that we can't get rid of no matter how hard we try. It's so much fun to be taking a shower and see a daddy longlegs crawling up the wall right beside your head.

I hope your day got better!

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