Break Time

The old adage that once you have kids your life will never be the same is, at least in our case, absolutely true. It’s completely different in many wonderful, and some not-so-wonderful ways. We have an extra person around that we love and that loves us back. We get slobbery kisses and big squeezey hugs. We get to play without looking ridiculous, and even though it’s been said a million cheesy times, watching Gabbie discover and be awed by new things is like discovering them again ourselves. Seeing the world through a fresh set of eyes is an amazing, wonderful thing.

Then again, we also get so much less sleep than we used to. So much. We’re tired, frequently cranky, and even though we’re not proud of it, we often take it out on each other. We can’t run around spontaneously as much as we used to. We go out to many fewer fancy meals, and even fewer movies. We can’t just drop everything and run away to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. And, most sadly, we never have days where we can just lay around and do absolutely nothing.

Aaron was lamenting this last fact earlier this week. After four days of one-on-one time with a one-year-old, he was exhausted. We’ve both been feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately. It’s hard to get settled and unpacked with a toddler constantly either underfoot or into something she shouldn’t be into. And even when we try to relax we find ourselves running around after her, keeping her out of trouble (she is like a magnet for trouble some days). We both are really feeling the need for a break from it all.

While we can’t simultaneously get a break, I kind of got a break last weekend, so this weekend is Aaron’s turn. After work today Gabbie and I are headed to my parents house for 24 hours, and Aaron has strict instructions not to do anything other than relax and have fun while we’re gone. Sure, he might rearrange some furniture, but that’s only so he can get his Xbox set up. He might tinker around with the cable a little so that we can finally have a wireless signal. But he isn’t allowed to unpack, or install, anything. I really hope he heeds these recommendations and gets the rest he needs. I think it will be useful to both of us to have this little break. Just so long as he knows that when we get back tomorrow night it’s his turn for a few hours. Momma needs a break too.


Cassie said...
July 31, 2009 at 11:00 AM

I hope Aaron enjoys his little break! And I hope you and Gabbie have a nice time at your parents' house.

I definitely feel like I could use a break too, which unfortunately probably won't come until I'm in the hospital this winter, birthing YET ANOTHER sweet little time-suck. Sigh.

Pocklock said...
July 31, 2009 at 12:40 PM

OMG. WE WROTE THE SAME POST TODAY. What's UP? Did we have some kind of mind-meld in Chicago?


So yeah. I TOTALLY know what you mean.

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