Where did my itty bitty baby go?

The other day at Target, I was in the baby feeding aisle and decided to buy some spoons made for toddler self-feeding. For when she's older, I thought to myself. In a few months she'll be big enough to attempt self-feeding. 

Tonight at dinner, Aaron handed her a bowl of oatmeal and one of the spoons. She took the spoon, gripped it correctly, dipped it in the oatmeal, and put the oatmeal in her mouth! I know they've been working with her a little at daycare, but apparently she's been getting more practice than I thought. Now, the whole meal didn't go that smoothly - she's in the bath right now and Aaron is scrubbing oatmeal from her hair, cheek, arms, and neck - but I'm so impressed that my little baby who couldn't even hold up her head or see more than a foot or two a little less than a year ago can crawl, almost walk, say a few words (Hi, Mama, More, Dada, Baby), and now feed herself with a spoon! I miss having a little infant so much it's almost enough to make me want to have another one right now.

Then she doesn't sleep all night and it reinforces our decision to wait a while longer.


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