Bert is Always the One in the Skirt

I'm currently en route to the airport for an overnight trip to Boston (I'll be there overnight only, not flying overnight), and thinking that this bus with free wifi is completely awesome. I'm not terribly excited about flying, but I figure with a big drink or two before I get on the plane, I should be just fine. Plus, I get to hang out with my uncle who lives in Boston, so that's at least pretty cool.

Travelling has me thinking about airport experiences in the past; some good (like when I had about 5 minutes to get to my plane, and they switched it to the gate next to the one I came in to, so I didn't have to run), some bad (like when I landed in between tornados, or in January when I was stuck in Minnesota overnight due to cold weather, even though the airline promised me there would be no weather delays and Gabbie was running short on bottles), and some funny like the one I'm about to tell you about right now.

When I was fairly little, I'm guessing about 3 or 4, my mom, dad, and I were at the small airport near our hometown waiting for my grandma's flight to arrive. Besides us there was only one other person in the waiting area, a gentleman who I'm guessing was in his 50s or 60s. He was reading his paper and trying his hardest to ignore me, while I was singing, dancing, and doing everything I could to get his attention. I tried all my tricks and still nothing was working, but I was determined.

I should note here, as an aside, that I had a record of silly Sesame Street songs that I was very into at that point in time.

Anyway, I was still working hard to get this guy's attention and he was still working hard to ignore me. Finally, I sat down in the seat right next to his and said loudly, "Hey Mister! Did you know that Bert is always the one in the skirt?"

That did it. He looked at me and burst out laughing. What else could he have done in such a situation? Satisfied that I got his attention, I walked back over to my parents and didn't bother him any more. I can only imagine what he told whoever he was there to pick up!


Cassie said...
May 20, 2009 at 11:20 AM

HA! What a funny story. Bert is always the one in the skirt, huh? I guess that explains a lot...

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