A Little (Creepy) Visitor

So, I'm still pumping milk for Gabbie several times a day (that is ending shortly after her first birthday, and I so cannot wait to finish pumping). This involves me sitting at my desk with my office door closed and usually reading a book or blogs. I was sitting there today, comfortable and engrossed in my book (Sookie Stackhouse book 5), when all of the sudden I felt something hit my head. Kind of like a drop of water or something.

That's weird, I thought to myself. Then I felt it hit my shoulder. Then it occurred to me:


I dropped everything, jumped up, and tore off my shirt faster than you could say boo. I'm really glad my door was shut so no one else witnessed my topless freak out.

After I made sure it was nowhere on my person, nor was it on my chair or desk, I sat down to finish my pumping session. When I was done, I put everything away, and as I stood up from my chair, I noticed something move near my trash can. There it was, a big (about the size of a nickel), brown, creepy-crawly spider.

So I decided I was done with work for the day and left. No way was I sharing my office with that spider for longer than necessary. I just hope it's gone tomorrow or it could be a very short day again.


Cassie said...
May 15, 2009 at 8:40 AM

Holy crap! I would have freaked out too. I can't stand spiders. I don't know how you kept yourself from screaming, because I'm pretty sure I would have!

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