How my car ate my iPhone

In our never-ending OMG comprehensive search for a house, we have recently taken to driving around neighborhoods where we might want to live to get an inventory of what is on the market. We decided to do this on Saturday and we drove around several such neighborhoods for almost three hours. Gabbie slept in her carseat the whole time, and Aaron and I chatted and made some more decisions about what we want (which then, of course, changed within the next few days). Sometime near the end of our drive it started to sprinkle. Aaron turned on the wipers and we continued on our way.

Probably about 15 minutes later (and about a 20 minute drive from home) the rain started coming down heavier, and the wipers started going slower.

Then they stopped, except for once in a while if we had them on high.

Throw in a diagnostic visit at $50, and if it is the wiper motor, another $500 in parts and service, and it was decided that sorry, we couldn't afford the iPhone I had been promised for Mother's Day any more. Stupid car.


Cassie said...
May 13, 2009 at 8:48 AM

Ugh. That sucks. It's always something with these stupid cars.

I hope it didn't end up costing you that much!

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