Oh, right. We bought a house. (Part Deux)

This part won't be nearly as exciting as the first part, but here's most of the rest of the house anyway.

The Basement

Aaron is very excited about having a basement, especially since I told him he can do whatever he wants with the space down there. (As I was typing this, Aaron walked by and told me he loved me, and I said, "and I love you down there" as opposed to ending the statement, "as well". I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard, and he says that sometimes guys need to hear that. Glad I could oblige. (Also, maybe I can't talk and type at the same time.))

Here's one end of the finished part of the basement:

And the other end:

This is Aaron's favorite part of the basement:

He's got it loaded with tools already (all the ones he bought, I swear, so he could fully utilize his tool bench).

The Upstairs:
Our upstairs contains the three bedrooms and two full baths. Unfortunately I took crappy pictures of two bedrooms and the kids'/guest bath, so here's a picture of our master bedroom.

I love the windows in there. Actually, I love the windows throughout the whole house. It's so bright and cheery! Also in our master bedroom is the master bath (on the right) and walk-in closet (to the left).
We'll be done re-doing the bedroom as soon as we paint (we didn't do it a couple of weekends ago as planned), but we have big plans for the bathroom.
So, yeah. That's pretty much the rest of the house. Someday, as we get things finished and set up just the way we want them, I'll post "after" pictures for comparison. With as long as it took me to get these up, I wouldn't expect them any time soon, though.


Cassie said...
September 21, 2009 at 9:49 AM

I covet your basement. Ours is unfinished and pretty much the bane of my existence.

Your "I love you down there" comment is still making me laugh!

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