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Be ye forewarned – this post contains a little more personal information than I usually like to share, but it was funny and I’m out of other things to post about since my life is pretty much made up of work, cuddling with Gabbie for a few moments, eating, and sleeping right now. September sucks.


Since September sucks so much, and because we’re still getting settled into the house which means we’re busy all day and totally wrecked come bedtime, even on the weekends, Aaron and I haven’t had much of a chance to, um, we’ll go with go bowling lately. We both want to bowl, but it just hasn’t seemed to be in the cards, which stinks because we both enjoy bowling.

On Saturday afternoon, Aaron was taking a break from yard work, I had just finished mopping the kitchen floors, and we noticed that Gabbie had fallen asleep in her bean bag chair while watching her very favorite movie (Shrek). We decided that this provided us the best opportunity we had for a little bowling, but we didn’t want to go upstairs just in case Gabbie woke up and was disoriented because we weren’t there. So, there’s one little spot in the front hallway that’s invisible from all windows in the house and we decided to bowl there. Just as we were getting the game underway, I notice there are shadows moving by the front door. I can see about an inch of window space, and suddenly someone’s left arm appears. Then there’s a knock on the door.

Of course. So, we quickly put away our bowling gear, and I go answer the door, because it’s obvious we’re home and all the neighbors have seen us around the yard all day, so they probably won’t go away if I don’t answer.

It was one of the neighbors inquiring about our lawn mower, so I gave him all the information I had, and let him check it out, but since Aaron was not quite over our missed opportunity to bowl, I told him I’d send Aaron over later.

Also, the commotion woke up Gabbie.

We’ve been laughing about this all week, because it seems the universe is against us getting in a game lately. No worries, I’m sure we’ll get a chance to go bowling again sometime soon. I hope.


Cassie said...
September 15, 2009 at 10:52 AM

OMG, Jessie, that is HILARIOUS. Your metaphor only makes it all the more funny.

Hopefully you can get in a round soon, and hopefully you can both bowl a perfect game!

carrster said...
September 15, 2009 at 2:11 PM

Dangit! I hate it when a good game gets interrupted!

Funny story - ha! Oh it's so hard to find time to bowl these days.

Anonymous said...
September 15, 2009 at 3:47 PM

This is so funny!

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