I only have a couple of minutes to post again today, but for a totally different and way more fun reason. We have the day off and we're heading out soon on a road trip.

(Also, on a completely adorable note, Gabbie is playing peekaboo with me from behind my laptop screen, by popping around the side and saying "Hi!". I might melt it's so cute.)

So, here's just a few quick points again today:

My crush on Joel McHale got bigger last night after watching Community (even though most of the pilot was featured in the preview). He's hilarious, and he has that dorky-cute thing going on that I always fall for. Plus! I'm like 3 degrees of separation from Mr. McHale - my best friend went to seminary with his brother. So close, yet so far away.

Gabbie has 2 baby dolls at home and one at school, and she is very cute with them. She gives them hugs and kisses, then lays them down and pats their backs. She'll also try to feed them from whatever cup she has in her hand. She coddles real babies too. There were several little babies in her old room at daycare, and she would give them a pacifier if they cried (although it may not have always been their pacifier), and give them hugs and kisses on a regular basis. She loves babies, which makes me think she'll be a great big sister when the time comes sometime in the distant, not currently in the process or plans, future.

And...that's all I have. Time to go pack a picnic lunch for the beach!


Cassie said...
September 18, 2009 at 9:23 AM

Oh, the BEACH. I'm jealous. Have a great time!

Andrew loves babies too, except it really upsets him when they cry. This should be interesting when we bring his little brother home.

Have fun today!

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