Some tweets I would send if I had access to Twitter from work

You know what’s awesome? When you’re already swamped and someone sends an email to 40 people telling them to call you right away. AWESOME.

I have been up hours past my bedtime for the past 5 nights. Saying I’m exhausted would almost be a lie. I’m practically in a walking coma.

How to tell you’re a parent, item 26,000: You regularly pick someone else’s nose without any qualms. Parenting is so glamorous!

One of the great things about moving is welcome to the neighborhood cookies from new neighbors. Yum!

Have spent approximately 2 hours today thinking about BBQ brisket. May be a teensy bit too obsessed with food.

Maybe should have been more specific in my wish for a lawn mower/house warming present. Mom hired someone to mow my lawn twice. Still nice.

Lessons learned from office Olympics: I suck at throwing paper airplanes, shooting rubber bands, and have a pointy head.

Need to buy a new wardrobe for Blogher. Hoping husband gets a promotion (somewhat likely) so I can go shopping!


Cassie said...
June 30, 2009 at 2:22 PM

Mmmm....BBQ brisket....

Did you guys get that grill you were hoping for?

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