House Day

Well, this day has finally arrived. Today we close on our house! (And take on a huge amount of debt and responsibility - EEK!) When we started this process today seemed so incredibly far away, but now that we're here I realize how quick it all went. Less than a month ago we saw the house for the first time, agonized about putting in an offer on this one or another that we also liked, and came to the decision that this was the house; the one we plan on staying in, barring any job changes that take us away from the area, until our kids are grown, and possibly even after.

Wow, I kind of just freaked myself out with that one.

Anyway, so we close at nine (2 1/2 hours to go!), and then my plan is to go to Lowe's, pick up a Rug Doctor, and get cleaning at the new house. I've loaded my iPod up with back episodes of Wait, Wait don't tell me (and possibly a new CD, but don't tell Aaron), and I'm ready to go.

This is probably the 3rd most exciting day of my life, but I have to admit. I'm glad we're planning on staying in this house for a good long while. Another move may just kill me.


Cassie said...
June 25, 2009 at 9:16 AM

You're closing right now!!! I hope everything goes smoothly. What a big day for you guys.


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