My life is all about lists these days. I have lists of things we need for the house (dishwasher, garage door opener, shower curtain, new bathroom rugs…), lists of things to do to the house (clean carpets, paint Gabbie’s room…), and lists of things I want for the house (grill, compost bin, new curtains…). I have lists of things to pack, lists of things to throw out, and lists of things that can be moved into storage for right now, and many, many more.

And now, I have a list of my current favorite TV shows to share, because I am only able to think in lists these days.

  • True Blood – I’m just starting season one, and Anna Paquin’s facial expressions are already grating on my nerves, but I can’t stop watching.
  • Royal Pains – This new show on USA is pretty fun to watch. I like the premise of the concierge doctor, and the guy who plays the brother always makes me laugh no matter what show or movie he’s in.
  • Harper’s Island – I keep thinking that the next episode is going to be the last, and then they manage to throw another twist my way and continue on. Very fun to watch, and it leaves me wishing I could watch the next episode immediately to find out what happens next.
  • Next Food Network Star – I haven’t picked my favorite yet, but I was excited that Brett got kicked of, because he was starting to annoy the crap out of me. It did surprise me though, because he was getting the villain edit and they usually let the villain stay on a few episodes past when they should go.
  • Top Chef Masters – Yet another reason why my diet is not going as well as I had hoped. This show is way fun, and the food looks delicious.
  • Wipeout – The funniest thing in the world to me is watching someone fall. This show is full of people falling, so I laugh for about an hour straight. Add in the commentators and this is a laugh riot in our house.

I’m not going to have much time for tv in the next couple of weeks, but I think I’m going to have to find a way to squeeze these in if possible. Plus, there’s a good chance we’ll get HBO at the new place so I’ll be able to watch season 2 of True Blood as it airs (as long as I can catch up somehow too – I’m thinking On Demand should be awesome for this).


Cassie said...
June 17, 2009 at 10:00 AM

The thing that really irritated me about Brett was how he called the girls "beautiful" and "sweetie." I think that is so demeaning and I find it remarkably irritating.

I love Harper's Island and Top Chef Masters too. I love seeing the master chefs being reduced to basically line cooks and running around frantically. It amuses me, and the food does look delicious.

And OMG, True Blood -- I could talk about True Blood for hours. Season 2 is promising to be even better than Season 1, although I must tell you that Anna Paquin is still sort of annoying (but she's also the perfect Sookie, so I'll let it slide).

Do you ever watch MXC on Spike? (I think it's on Spike). If you like Wipeout, I think you'd really love that. Plus, it's from Japan, so it's dubbed and the script is completely made up. Hilarious!

(Sorry this comment is so long. I love TV WAY more than I should.)

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