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As of last night we're fully moved out of the apartment where we've lived for the past four years and into our very first house. I would post pictures, but the cord that attaches our camera to our computer is packed in a box I have yet to get unpack. I also have no clue which box it is. Saying I'm not great at packing would be a bit of an understatement. At least we did it and we're here, right?

Aaron and I are exhausted as are my dad, mom, sister, and best friend, all of whom helped us move. Aaron is bound to be even more exhausted tomorrow, as he's at the apartment right now finishing up all of the cleaning they asked us to do (which was a ton). I would have gone to help him, but he preferred to do it by himself instead of having help along with a baby there to drive him nuts. Gabbie is doing pretty well, but has been incredibly ornery and is driving him up a wall. Me too, but I have more patience these days (probably because I've gotten a small amount more sleep than he has.

The house, though, it's great. Gabbie loves to crawl from the dining room through the kitchen into the living room around to the hall and back to the dining room multiple times in one big loop. It is hard to keep up with her, especially when she's making laps using her walk-behind toy. We have to install gates on the stairs soon because she beelines for them as often as she can. Right now the boxes the gates are in are making excellent barriers to her getting on the stairs, but of course, aren't practical in the long run.

I'm loving the kitchen and the family room, the rooms I'm sure we'll spend the most time in throughout the years to come. The neighborhood is really quiet, and the neighbors are incredibly friendly so far. I'm really loving pretty much everything about this place, and I'm so far I'm definitely glad we decided to move here. 

I know this is all scattered, but like I said earlier, I'm exhausted. A good, satisfied kind of exhausted though. I still can't believe I'm a homeowner!


Cassie said...
June 30, 2009 at 8:53 AM

Yay! I'm glad you're all moved in and that you're so happy in your new place. I can't wait to see pictures, but no pressure! :-)

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