Why I need to learn how to upload videos from our camera

I’m probably going to sound like a bragging mom when I say this, but Gabbie is consistently two months ahead on reaching most milestones. She’s 10 months old today and is mere moments away from walking. This is doubly exciting for me, since we expected a delay due to her hip dysplasia and the four months she spent in the brace following her diagnosis. One developmental thing she’s a little behind on, though, is her speech. She’s still only making two non-vowel sounds consistently (ba and ma). (I’m not too worried though – I didn’t say a single word until I was two, and now most people probably wish I would shut up once in a while.)

Anyway, last night we were working with her like we normally do. “Say dada Gabbie! Dadadadadada.” (very effective, I’m sure) After the first prompt, she started shaking her head no, and we broke out the video camera. And every time we asked her a question she’d vigorously shake her head no. No, she could not say dada. No, she could not say mama. No, she could not say supercalafragilisticexpialodocious. No, she would not like a puppy. No, she would not like a pony. No, she didn’t need a car when she was sixteen. It was adorable. She did it all with a smile, and sometimes rested her head on the edge of the couch when it got tired from all that shaking. ADORABLE!

Of course, the video is much funnier than me describing it here, and I should really get to posting it. For such a little person, she sure makes me laugh a lot!

[On a completely unrelated note, a bunny just hopped right past my office window and it reminded me of how excited I am for Easter and for buying Gabbie an Easter dress. They are all too cute!]


Cassie said...
March 25, 2009 at 7:13 PM

Andrew's not a big babbler, either. He does make consonant sounds, but he doesn't string them together so much yet. And he doesn't say "Dada" yet. I thought the D sound was supposed to be easier for them to make than the M sound? Maybe our babies are just too smart for those simple consonants! :o)

I hate the whole "developmental milestones" thing, anyway. I'm constantly panicking about it, but I think when we were kids, it wasn't such a big deal, and we turned out fine, right? (Debatable, maybe, in my case.) I think their language comprehension is more about understanding what we say right now, anyway.

Does Gabbie ever growl at you? Andrew growls at us all the time,a nd I have no idea where he picked it up. We're not really growling people!

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