A little much

It is currently one of those weeks. Work is insane, Gabbie is in the middle of a sleep regression/developmental spurt/teething/whatever the hell else is keeping her from ever sleeping. I've had to go to work early and stay late the past two days, and I'm expecting two more days of the same at least.

On top of everything else, if I weren't still breastfeeding I'd swear to everything holy that I was getting my period, because, as Aaron can vouch for, I am Moody. It's probably a combination of fatigue, stress, and some other issues (work related that I shouldn't discuss) that are making my life a little less easy. And we're starting the process of buying a house.

Aaron and I have discussed it and our plans for this weekend include sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping, and then I'm taking two vacation days next week to sleep some more (and probably go look at houses). Here's hoping I survive the next week without too many tears or completely telling someone off (it could happen).


Cassie said...
March 18, 2009 at 9:19 AM

Man, I'm sorry things are so stressful and exhausting right now. But yay -- a house!! How exciting!! I hope you get lots of sleep this weekend, and also find a place you like! :-)

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