Party Girl

In what might seem like a recurring theme around here, I've realized how little it takes to make me excited these days. Before I ever got pregnant, a weekend might include dinner at our favorite neighborhood bar with friends, a play or a movie, a hike, brunch on Sunday, and probably a few other activities thrown in there just to keep us busy.

This weekend my plans include a little shopping for craft supplies and for locally, responsibly grown meat, maybe a trip to the zoo (our hiking trails are probably a little muddy and/or flooded due to a large amount of rain recently), but mostly sitting around the house with the familiy. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

And just to make life a little more exciting, I must cut this short to take care of my incredibly constipated daughter who is crying as she messes her diaper (I'm sure she'll be so proud I wrote this). Poor thing!

See? I still know how to party. Right?


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