Five Things That Make Me Excited to be a Home Owner in the Near Future

We're house shopping right now, and we're serious about it. We can't wait to get in to a home of our own, and if the joy of home owning weren't enough of a perk on its own, here are five more reasons I'm excited to be a home owner.

1. Paint 

Aaron and I have lived in apartments together for about 7 years now. That means we've had seven years of staring at white walls together. We're ready to get our color on! Now if only we can choose colors without killing each other, we'll be all set. We have very different ideas about colors, so this should be interesting.

2. A Yard

I'm incredibly, immensely excited about the prospect of having a yard. A yard for Gabbie to play in, to put in a garden and flowers in the front, and a yard in which I can put a compost bin. I'm almost more excited about the compost bin than anything else. Worms eat my garbage, indeed!

3.  A Garage

Scraping snow and frost off of cars in Michigan winters sucks hard. (Speaking of which, it's snowing right now. Yuck!)

4. Grilling

We've never lived anywhere where we were allowed to have a real, fire-spewing grill. We've been delegated to the George Foreman type, which we hate. We're looking forward to being able to grill out all summer long, especially since we would grill every night if we could. Grilled food is our type of food.

5. No Sharing Walls with Neighbors

So far this weekend Aaron has yelled:

"Is that your car? Well then get down there and turn that f-ing sh!t down!" (Yelled at the punk kid who shook our walls with the bass from his car at 2:30 a.m. after we had just, finally got Gabbie to sleep in her own bed.)

"I love that you share your bass with us." (Directed toward our floor)

And, due to some celebrating in our neck of the woods (GO STATE! FINAL FOUR BOUND!) there's sure to be some more yelling coming up in the near future. After many, many years of sucky neighbors with which we share our walls, we look forward to at least have some space between sucky neighbors' walls and ours.


Cassie said...
March 30, 2009 at 10:49 AM

The George Foreman grill is all right, but it is definitely far inferior to the real thing. So excited for you! I hope you find something you like soon!

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