So far this week...

It has been a busy week for us around here, but most of all for Gabbie. (There are lots of exclamation points ahead; gird yourself.) So far this week she has:

  • Gotten over a cold (finally!)
  • Started crawling!
  • Started waving bye-bye!
  • Is working on two teeth. Two!
  • And has slept through the night. Twice! (Oh, my word, I don't know what I'm going to do with this much sleep!)
So far this week, I have:
  • Worked out once! Which is more than I've worked out (outside of taking walks) since probably October 2007. 
  • I also made Lasagna Soup , which we enjoyed very much.
So, it's been an exciting week so far. It will be more exciting if Gabbie's teeth (her first) finally break through and we can quit it with all the miserable whining that she has been treating us to!


Cassie said...
January 29, 2009 at 2:39 PM

Dude, Blogger sucks right now. It took the comment box forever to open!

Anyway, Gabbie certainly has had a busy week! Good for her, doing all that new stuff! I'm constantly watching Andrew tool around the room and thinking, Is this the same little baby I brought home? I can't believe how fast they change.

I printed that soup recipe; it sounds delicious. I love the idea of putting the ricotta mixture at the bottom of the bowl. Did it blend in smoothly, or did it get all clumpy? Not that it really matters, I guess...It sounds delicious either way!

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