Reasons to like Fall

Or, at the very least, reasons I like fall:
  • Cooler weather, less humidity. I can wear jeans and not sweat all day long! I can cover up more and be comfortable. My hair doesn't fuzz up the moment I step outside. Daily highs are around my favorite temperature: 68 degrees.
  • Football Saturdays, tailgating, homemade chili, crispix mix, and apple pie. Tomorrow is the first football Saturday we're spending at home (missed it last weekend because of a wedding reception, but that's okay, because both of our teams lost big time), and so we're doing it up right. Chili, beer (for Aaron, not me because I'm allergic - true story), crudite, and pie (lemon mereingue instead of apple, but still! Pie!). We're also inviting friends over to watch the game on our huge (ha!) 19 inch television. For some reason, even though we have the smallest TV out of all of our friends, we always host the gatherings where things are watched on TV.
  • The leaves changing colors. This is not here yet, but not far off either. However, I do miss my brother living way up north because it was like a fall color tour every time we went to see him.
  • Soup season is back again! Soup has to be my favorite food ever, and I have a list about a million recipes long that I want to try. Like artichoke soup, Philly cheesesteak soup, a new recipe for tomato soup (my absolute favorite), and many, many more.
  • Cuddling on the couch is no longer limited to about five minutes because it's just too hot and humid to cuddle. Now it's perfect cuddling weather. And there's nothing I like more than cuddling. Except maybe cuddling, with a bowl of soup, a sleeping baby, and a good movie on DVD.

I really, really love the fall. Until about February, when I start singing the praises of Spring.


Cassie said...
September 5, 2008 at 9:53 AM

Fall is definitely my favorite season. Football, the crisp air, and I am SO with you on the soup! Artichoke soup...yum.

Is it really 68 degrees up there? I'm jealous. It's still in the high '80s here, and RAINING. Which means tons of humidity and a mountain of frizzy hair for me!

Enjoy your football Saturday tomorrow! I'm going to the Ohio State game, which should be fun, except, you know, for the heat and humidity. Stupid Ohio.

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