I'd title this "Give Me Your Wood", but it just seems too inappropriate

I keep trying to post some different posts, but Internet Explorer keeps crashing. Gotta love it! A couple of posts will come later tonight when I'm home and using the far superior Firefox instead.

Hopefully those posts will include pictures from the Extreme Makeover Home they're building in town, but we'll see. Apparently they rely on donated goods, and no one has donated any lumber yet. I'm no homebuilder, but I'm guessing lumber is a pretty important supply when building a house.


Cassie said...
September 29, 2008 at 2:35 PM

It surprises me that they wouldn't make sure they have a company to donate the lumber BEFORE they schedule the show to be in a certain town. Doesn't that just seem...logical? I hope they haven't already demolished the house, leaving the homeowners homeless and at the mercy of the lumber company.

Tell Ty I said hi! And ask him why he's in the magazine ads for Similac, because he's the strangest spokesperson for formula EVER.

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