My Little Charmer

I am in a great mood today, despite the fact that Gabbie was up half the night. She started the day out right, however, by waking up in my arms and greating me with the biggest sleepy, gummy grin that you've ever seen. This kid already knows how to charm me; I am in so much trouble. I think the sleep issue was actually a gas issue, and so no more chili for me as that has been the common thread through the past few sleepless nights.

The second (hilarious to me, not so much to Aaron) thing that Gabbie did today was to pee on her quilt. You see, while I was getting ready in the bathroom Aaron wanted to give her a bath, but she was also in desperate need of her first thing in the morning diaper change. So he took her out of her wet diaper, put a clean diaper underneath her without fastening it, and left the room to go fill up her bath. This may have worked a few weeks ago before she started being able to roll onto her side and move around a bit more, but not so much since then. She rolled off her diaper into a position about 90 degrees from where he left her, and peed all over her quilt. That will teach him, I guess. She looked pretty proud of herself, and that made me laugh even harder.

Speaking of her moving around, on Sunday night Gabbie rolled over for the first time! We had her out of her harness for a little pre-bath play time, and she rolled from her stomach to her back twice. She looked very surprised the first time it happened, and the second time it was about to happen she grabbed on to her blanket for dear life, as if that would stop her from turning over. We were actually videotaping a different trick of hers at the time so we got it all on tape! She's also been very close to getting from her back to her front with her harness on. Once that harness comes off for good we're in trouble, because I get the feeling she'll be rolling all over the place.

Here's hoping she sleeps better tonight. Or that I could at least get a nap in sometime after work today (or maybe during my lunch break). Ah, who am I kidding. I'll be reading Twilight instead of napping any time in the near future.


Cassie said...
September 9, 2008 at 8:05 PM

Aw, that's so great! (The rolling over, of course, not the lack of sleep.) Andrew hasn't rolled over yet; I sort of think it's because he's too chunky and he can't control his girth yet! LOL

That's hilarious that she peed on her quilt, although I'm sure Aaron didn't think it was the funniest thing in the world. Babies are a riot, aren't they? Just when you think you have them figured out...

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