Project Getting it Together

Lately I feel like I am behind on everything. Behind in life. I am about 90% less prodcutive now that Gabbie's here, and I would like to gain some of that back. I don't plan out our meals very often, which means less healthy food because we just make what is fast and easy. I had pictures taken of Gabbie six weeks ago, and I've only distributed them to handful of the people to which I had intended. My house is a mess. I have about 6 outfits that fit. I stopped losing the baby weight about four weeks after she got here.

I just feel so completely out of it.

How do I gain more of myself back and still balance that with all that I want to give to Gabbie? Not to mention, my relationship with Aaron. Making time for us has definitely fallen way back on the list of things that get attention.

So here's the plan: More meal planning. Evening walks with Aaron and Gabbie. Shopping on lunch breaks to find a few more clothing options that fit. Fifteen to thirty minutes a night doing household chores. Establish an earlier nightly routine with Gabbie so that Aaron and I can have just a few minutes together before bedtime. An hour or two of Aaron taking care of Gabbie on weekends so that I can get some things done that I really, desperately need to do (send out pictures, catch up on emails, clean out closet to see if there are clothes packed away that might actually fit, etc.). And, most importantly so that I don't forget these moments that keep passing by so quickly: blog. Blog about Gabbie, about my life right now, about all the wonderful, exciting things that are happening. I don't want to forget this time, and this blog is the only journal I've ever consistently kept.

Plus, I'm sure that you all out there reading this wouldn't mind some more reading material on a regular basis.


Cassie said...
September 2, 2008 at 10:17 AM

You and I are so completely in the same boat, Jessie! I feel the same way -- how do I balance the person that I WAS and the things I liked to do, with the person that I am now -- a mother, with things I want to do for and with my son? It sounds like you have a great plan in place, though, and it's very similar to mine. A few minutes of cuddle time when I get home from work, then I stuff Andrew in the Jumperoo so he can "help" me cook dinner...evening walks, an 8:00 bedtime that allows time for Joe and me and time for a few chores before I go to bed -- then half an hour of reading before I go to sleep. It seems to be working out, but there are still moments when I feel so completely overwhelmed. It's so hard to balance everything sometimes. (Sorry, I didn't mean to write a novel; I probably should have written you an e-mail.)I'm just glad I'm not the only one who sometimes struggles with it all!

Sizzle said...
September 2, 2008 at 11:08 AM

I watched my sister struggle with these same issues. It's so hard to find time to do it all. If you can enlist the help of a friend to watch Gabbie for a couple hours, you might be surprised how much you can get done or feel accomplished. I hope you are able to find some balance but I know that it is hard for Moms. We expect them to do too much!

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