Too fast and not fast enough

Aaron and I were sitting on our couch this weekend when it simultaneously hit both of us: we only have about four months before the baby gets here! It freaked us out a little bit, but also gave us the push we needed to get some things done. Things like signing up for child birth classes, a breast feeding class, discussing our registry, cleaning up the spare room a little more, and doing research on baby items. It was a crazy but fun weekend.

I also realized that time is slipping by too quickly and I haven't recorded so many things about being pregnant. Like the first time I felt her move (December 1st during the Central Park scene in "Enchanted"), some things that happened during the ultrasound (I had tears streaming down my face even though I wasn't really crying, and I've never seen Aaron nearly as excited and wowed as he was when we watched her kicking and moving around on that little screen), and we definitely haven't taken nearly enough belly shots. One of my coworkers was gone for two weeks and she was wowed by how much bigger my belly has gotten in that time period. There's just so much happening so fast. I really need to do a better job of recording it all.

One other thing that happened this weekend that was completely awesome was that the baby was pushing out on the left side of my belly, and Aaron could feel her. It was like that part of my belly was harder and sticking out more than the rest of it. He's been anxiously waiting to feel her kick; he says he wishes he felt as connected to her as I do. That even though he loves her so incredibly much, he's jealous that I pretty much get her all to myself these days. Although, he also said that the kicking thing, while cool, freaks him out and he's glad that it's happening to me and not him because it would just be too weird. (It is too weird, and also too amazing.)

And as fast as it's all moving, and as scared as we are about all these changes, we're really excited for the day that she emerges and we get to meet her properly for the first time.


L Sass said...
January 7, 2008 at 1:02 PM

Project: Baby is so exciting!!

Although, I concur... the public demands more belly shots!

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