I know, I know...

I promised a belly picture today. Then I took some and absolutely hated them, so I have to wait for Aaron to take my picture tonight. In the future I will have him take the picture on Tuesday nights. I would have had him do this last night, but I was unshowered and looking rather disheveled and I'm not willing to share that look with anyone but him. (Isn't he a lucky guy?)

Anyway, here's a conundrum which we're currently pondering:

Early August: "Hey! Let's buy tickets to see Avenue Q! The last week in April"

Late August: "Hey! We're pregnant! Finally! Yay!"

A few weeks later: "Hey! That play is only two weeks before my due date! Hope I don't go into labor early! Also, if not, I'll be hugely pregnant! Won't that be fun?"

So yes. We have tickets to a play that occurs two weeks before I'm due to deliver our baby girl. I'll be that kind of pregnant that causes strangers to look at you with fear, the fear that you're going to drop the baby on their feet or something because you're just that pregnant. Also, our seats? Middle of the damn row in the middle of the damn auditorium.

Here are the questions:

Should we even attempt to go? Or should we sell/give away our tickets? (Or should I send Aaron with my sister or something?)

If we do go, should we try to trade seats with someone on the aisle? I pee about every 45 minutes, so I'm sure I'd bug the heck out of anyone sitting closer to the row than I.

Also, aren't we smart? Buying tickets when we knew there was a possibility this would happen?


donna said...
January 16, 2008 at 10:08 AM

Are you kidding? It was probably buying the tickets that made it happen. Like when we were desperate to move home to Texas but thought it would take a while so we bought tickets to a show in NYC and 500 return address labels with our CT address on them, then found out two weeks later we were moving!

I say hold off on deciding. You may feel great through the end of your pregnancy. Or you may not feel like you can sit in a small theater seat for that long. But you have time to decide and it would suck to decide now to pass up what could be one of your last hassle-free adults only nights for a while!

L Sass said...
January 16, 2008 at 3:45 PM

I'm with Donna... Hopefully you'll feel like attending! Otherwise maybe you can use Craigslist or StubHub to trade for an aisle seat?

carrster said...
January 17, 2008 at 4:29 PM

yeah, hold off - you never know what will happen at the end. If you're like me, you'll already have your baby and then you'll know what to do! (go of course - haha!)It may be the perfect distraction for the end of your pregnancy.

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