Let's Get Political

First things first (since I'm trying to journal some things about being pregnant here), the baby seems to like to play games. She wasn't moving much yesterday which always makes me anxious and hormonal. So I was sitting on the couch, rubbing my belly (Aaron calls me Buddha, I give him a hand signal in return), and giving her a pep talk about how it's alright to kick me as much as she wants. Momma really doesn't mind.

So I'd rub my belly for a few seconds, remove my hands, and she'd kick once. She did this about six times over ten minutes. It was really quite fun. She still won't kick while Aaron's trying to feel the kicks, but I hear that's common. He's dying to feel her kick though.

She also decided that four in the morning was a good time to kick. A lot. So I've been up since then. She's lucky she's got me wrapped around her little finger currently, otherwise she'd be so grounded!


So, yeah. There's this election thing going on that I keep reading and hearing about. I'm not really going to state my opinion on the candidates one way or another, because my opinion isn't that important right now (and because I'm still pretty undecided), but Aaron has a definite favorite and that favorite is going to be in town on Sunday. I can tell he wants to go, but he also doesn't want to go alone/without me and is worried about me standing around waiting to get in to the "Town Hall Meeting" since I'm pregnant. I told him that I think I might survive, and that going to see candidates is a lot of fun. I've seen a few in my day, including when my high school band played for Bob Dole (I wasn't pleased at the time because I was pretty anti-Dole), and when Al Gore had a rally literally outside the back door of the house I lived in during college (and Jon Bon Jovi opened for him, so that was a lot of fun).

I've been disappointed to miss some of my favorites, and so that's why I'm pushing him to go. Once, in college, I skipped a Bill Clinton (one of my favorite politicians) speech because it was the first day of classes, and I had previous experience with this professor getting angry at people skipping the first day of class (he gives a quiz the second day of class). So I begrudgingly walked to class, only to arrive to find a note on the door saying that class was cancelled due to Bill Clinton giving a speech on campus (it was a poli-sci class so this makes sense, but still)! Man, was I peeved, and I let the professor know it. Those of us that missed the speech got some extra credit because we all let him know it.

Before I met Aaron he didn't vote. To a politically active, political science major this was tantamount to blasphemy and I told him so. He's voted ever since, and even though I usually don't agree with the person he chooses, I'm happy he's doing his civic duty.


donna said...
January 9, 2008 at 9:33 AM

Ha ha, your story reminded me that I used to play a game with Bridget before she was born. As Jake and I would lie in bed at night, I could get her to move if I thumped my belly. So I'd thump, she'd kick, Jake and I would laugh. A very high-brow brand of humor around here....

L Sass said...
January 9, 2008 at 12:34 PM

You should definitely go if you think you can stand it! It's exciting to meet the candidates. And you might even get a good photo op.

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