This Post is Probably the Definition of Slapdash (but I'm too lazy to look it up)

  • Last night Aaron and I watched the documentary King of Kong while we were getting Gabbie to go to sleep (yes I still rock her to sleep every night, and I'm fine with it). While we were a little unsure we would enjoy it when we started it up, we ended up loving it. It is always so interesting to me how other people live, and these people are definitely different from us. Not that there's anything wrong with geeks, but these people are geeks. It also ended just how we wanted it to end, so that was awesome.
  • We were supposed to get maybe 2 additional inches of snow today (it has been snowing since late Sunday night). So far we've gotten five, and it's still coming down hard. I'm supposed to go to the theatre tonight, and I'm somewhere way south of thrilled that I have to go out in this crap. I'm making sure my phone is charged and giving myself an extra 15 minutes to get approximately 2 miles away from my house. We're seeing Pilobolus, and my long-time fascination with this dance troop is the only reason I'm braving the storm. 
  • I'm desperately hoping the snow stops by Friday, which is when Gabbie and I are headed to my parents' house for the weekend to celebrate my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday. There are supposed to be a lot of kids there, so it should be fun for Gabbie, and I'm kind of hoping there's some booze for me, but I doubt it. I'm sure I'll still survive. I'll just have a drinking lunch afterwards.
  • I had a problem today that I've had before. Gabbie is growing out of all her shoes (again at the end of a season - I should make sure I remember this from now on) so I headed over to Target today to pick her up some kicks. They had exactly 3 pair of shoes in her size that were not sandals. Well, they also had some awesome Converse All-Stars in her size, but I couldn't justify spending twice as much as the other pair of tennis shoes would have cost. But still. It's February. Target is headquartered in Minnesota. I know for a fact that Minnesota does not have sandal weather right now. Couldn't we wait until April for the all-sandals shoe rack? Or even maybe a sandal or two for spring breakers, but shoes for the rest of us? I still put Gabbie in shoes for most of the summer, unless it gets really hot. I can't be the only parent that does this. Why must retailers always do this to me? (/rant)
And, I'm off to change a very stinky diaper (shouldn't have fed her beans two nights in a row) before getting dressed up to head out. My life is so absolutely glamorous. Ha!


Cassie said...
February 24, 2010 at 8:16 PM

Oh, Joe and I LOVED King of Kong! We are supremely geeky though, so I pretty much knew we would love it.

For once (fingers crossed) I think that Andrew is going to be right on target for the season when he grows out of his current sizes. That's the first time that's EVER happened.

Have fun at the theater! I too am so over the snow. It's supposed to snow here until Sunday. Come on, spring!

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