Getting Fitter

(That title was mostly to bug my husband who insists that very few words should be modified with an -er because it sounds weird to him. So I do it regularly to annoy him. Ask him about "vaguer" sometimes - like nails on a chalkboard and as hilarious as someone falling down.)

So, I'm finally committing to lose some weight and get into better shape. It doesn't hurt that we have a weight-loss competition going on through the fitness center at work. This gave me some excellent motivation to literally get off my butt and do something about the *cough30poundscough* baby weight I still have hanging around. Well, I guess technically it isn't baby weight, but I gained it while gestating, so it's all her fault and I'm sticking to that excuse.

So far, it's been going pretty well. Over the past three weeks I'm down a little more than 6 pounds, which isn't bad, but I'd like to do better. I'm counting calories, but the past week has been full of poor food choices. Ironically (I think I'm using that right) this week when I ate more than others in recent history and exercised less too resulted in my largest weight loss to date (2.5 pounds). Also, those 6 pounds were apparently enough of a loss to allow me to now remove my pants without undoing them, so there's that. It's always encouraging to start seeing the difference. I love it when you can start to see the difference.

So, I think that in order to do even better I'm going to start either the 30 Day Shred or a Couch to 5K program sometime in the next couple of days and focus on eating many more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, and see where that gets me. I'm so ready to shed some more pounds. I want them to be gone. And then of course I'm sure they'll all come rushing back as soon as I get pregnant again, but oh well. At least I'm figuring out how to get them off so I'll have that experience to build on next time.


Cassie said...
February 18, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since Will was born, so I'll be cleared to work out. And while I'm already the size I was before I had him, I want to lose AT LEAST 15 more pounds. And I need to tone this shit, yo. I'm seriously considering getting a Wii Fit or at least EA Active, and here in a few weeks I MAY try the Shred. I need to ease into it I think.

That's so awesome that you've started losing weight, and can actually see the difference! Keep it up! I'm going to use you to motivate me, because oh, I AM GOING TO NEED THE MOTIVATION.

Jess said...
February 19, 2010 at 8:42 AM

I did the Shred last spring (before I got all knocked up), and lost close to 15 pounds over two months without changing my eating habits much.

And it was all I did. My husband did it too, and we both started looking pretty good. Which would probably be why I got pregnant.

Anyway. My point is that I liked it, mostly because I could do it everyday, and because I saw differences very quickly.

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