Time is Getting Away From Me

These weeks seem to be flying by much to quickly. I can't believe it's almost September. I mean, honestly. Football starts next week. I am so not ready for this.

Not to mention that I keep forgetting to write here. I always think "I'll write when I get home" or "I'll write in the morning", but then I never do because I'm busy. This week alone we've had to prepare for unexpected out of town guests, take Gabbie to urgent care about a rash that had to be diagnosed before she was allowed back to daycare (she's allergic to my mom's laundry detergent - mom had washed a new outfit she bought for her and the rash disappeared shortly after we stripped her and gave her a bath), then Gabbie didn't sleep for 2 days which just about killed me.

Also, we've had to deal with the most annoying situation ever from our power company. We got a letter in the mail two days ago stating that they couldn't verify Aaron's identity, so unless he provided them with documents proving his identity, social security number, and ownership of the house, they were going to turn off our power on September first. Nothing like short notice before they SHUT OFF OUR POWER. And it's not like we didn't pay our bill or something that would seemingly justify this, or that they had given us any prior notice. I think this whole situation is completely unacceptable.

Admittedly, I'm deep in the throes of PMS, so add in very little sleep and once again I'm no fun to be around this week. But I'm working on good karma by being nice to others. It at least can't hurt. I'm excited today that our division at work is doing community service in the form of freshening up the multipurpose room at a local family shelter with paint and a good deep cleaning. I'm making Aaron one of his favorite dinners tonight, and since I'll be home early, I'll also be doing a good deep cleaning of kitchen and family room before he gets home. Gabbie finally slept last night, so I might take her to the park today for some fun. We all deserve it.

I'm also getting donuts for breakfast this morning. I definitely deserve them after this week.


Anonymous said...
August 28, 2009 at 8:21 AM

Donuts help make everything better. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Cassie said...
August 28, 2009 at 9:36 AM

Man, what a week. Shelly's right, though -- donuts definitely make everything better.

I hope you have a wonderful, restorative weekend. Sounds like you totally deserve it!

SJ said...
August 30, 2009 at 1:17 PM

Man you have had yourself one heck of a week! You poor thing...

Hope those donuts made you feel all better and I hope your power situation was resovled quickly.

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