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I don’t know why, and I hate complaining, but it seems like every week lately has been one of those weeks. Two weeks ago I was feeling completely overwhelmed and Aaron and I were constantly bickering. Last week was the crazy daycare week, where the building caught on fire and they found out they needed to remove asbestos, all in one day! This week has been one big bag of blah. Throw in mastitis (which has thankfully been cured, finally) and just a general annoyed-at-the world thing, and I’m sure you’d find me an absolute joy to be around these days. Sure, there have been one or two good days, but mostly I’ve been a big ol’ crab, and even I’m sick of it.

This morning Aaron was teasing me a little about how I walk with a heavy step, because I noticed Gabbie was doing the same thing. Then he commented on how she was also like me because she always gets things on her clothes that stain, and now we’re going to have to go buy her new things (when really, she mostly needs new things because she’s outgrowing everything right now). He kept on going, picking on and needling me until I wanted go smack him, but instead I decided to stick up for myself.

“That’s enough negatives for me today, thankyouverymuch. Now you have to pay me three compliments to make up for it, Handsome.” (Yes, I do have annoying pet names for Aaron. Sorry.)

So he started ticking them off for me. He loves me because I’m smart, beautiful, a good mother, and an excellent cook (I knew I won him over the old fashioned way – through his stomach). He can’t imagine spending his life with anyone else, and he feels lucky that he ended up with a catch like me.

Well played, Mister Man. Well played.

(My day has been much better since then, as you can imagine.)


Cassie said...
August 20, 2009 at 1:13 PM

That's actually five compliments! Or six! Well played INDEED.

Ah, husbands. They can drive you to the point of wanting to kill them, but then they say something so sweet it makes you forget all their annoying qualities.

I think you have a good catch there, yourself. :)

(And dude: my word verification for this comment is ohpoop. Just thought you should know that.)

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