Swears, Etc.

All day on Tuesday I was convinced it was Wednesday. I even scheduled some appointments for the next day – Thursday – thinking that “I’ll do these tomorrow”. So, as I stated yesterday on twitter, you can imagine my disappointment when the actual Wednesday rolled around. It was like my week was an extra day long! And I seem to be stuck on this train of thought – just a few minutes ago I found myself thinking that today was Friday. I guess I’m just ahead of my time. (I’m here all week!)

There’s a slight incline leading up to the door at Gabbie’s daycare, which I never notice until it’s the day after a good workout. Ouch! My legs are really, really tired from my run last night, but the rest of me feels excellent.

Damn, there was something else awesome I was going to tell you about, but I can’t remember what it was. I have a system, you see, where I remember a number that corresponds to the number of things I’m doing. If I don’t write down a grocery list, I’ll remember that there are X number of items to get, and it usually works. Usually. So there were 3 things to tell you today (the post-workout soreness is a bonus item. You’re welcome.), but I can only remember what 2 of those things are. So, it’s not a fail-proof system is what I guess I’m saying.

So, swears. Yes. We’re trying to reduce the number of swear words we say because of the whole “little pitchers have big ears” thing. Gabbie comprehends so much these days that we’re finding ourselves having to be very careful what we say. For instance, the other day Aaron said the word nurse (which we stopped doing 2 weeks ago now) in passing, and Gabbie popped the pacifier out of her mouth and came running across the room toward me. Good thing she also understands the meaning of the word “no”. Anyway, so we’re trying not to swear and I’ve been doing a pretty decent job of it, until the other night when Aaron scared me nearly to death. I was cuddling Gabbie back to sleep in the chair in her room. It was pretty dark, and in her closet is the opening to the attic which completely creeps me out for no particular reason other than it just does. So, I was sitting there rubbing her back and humming a lullaby, and my eyes were closed. Aaron, apparently wanting to see if I needed any help, snuck into the room somehow avoiding every squeaking floorboard, and was standing over me (and directly in front of the attic opening) when I decided to open my eyes. That’s when I let two swear words (one starting with an f and another with s, both preceded by the word Holy) fly loudly, waking up Gabbie again in the process, and jumped nearly a foot out of the chair.

Aaron offered to take over getting her back to sleep (smart man), and I laid in bed for nearly an hour while my heart slowed to normal speed and moved down out of my throat. He’s never allowed to do that again. EVER.


Amy W said...
August 6, 2009 at 12:30 PM

That's funny. Sorry, had to laugh!

Good job on going running...I need to do the same tonight.

Cassie said...
August 6, 2009 at 12:32 PM

Oh my God. That would have terrified me too. I don't blame you for cursing. GAH.

I hate it when I think that one day is another day. All morning I thought today was Friday. I even looked at the calendar and freaked out because I thought I missed my doctor's appointment YESTERDAY, which was really scheduled for THURSDAY, today. Follow? I guess we're both ahead of our times! (Good one, by the way :)

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