Life, it seems, is not slowing down any time soon, even though I really want it to. We haven't made it over to the Extreme Makeover house yet, because the crowds are so big they are having to bus people in. I don't deal well with crowds, so we've stayed away from that side of town.

This weekend we're heading back to Ohio to my grandmother's hometown. The purpose of the trip is that we're interring her ashes, but the secondary purpose is that my grandpa and six of my mom's seven siblings get to meet Gabbie for the first time. (The seventh met her a while ago.) I can't wait to get down there, but the usually five hour drive takes about seven with an infant, and I'm not anxious to spend seven hours in the car. I need to find a new knitting or crochet project to help me pass the time. I'm also stopping at the local toy store today to pick up some new and exciting toys for Gabbie, since she seems to be getting bored with the few she already has.

This weekend could be quite interesting, though, as my uncle that I haven't seen since I was ten is supposed to be coming. For those of you playing along at home, since I'm currently 28, I haven't seen him in 18 years. Different family members have different viewpoints about him showing up, since he pretty much disappeared without a reason, deciding to no longer participate in our family, until my grandma was dying. He also lost a son this past spring, right before Gabbie was born, but didn't show up for the funeral.

In addition to this, my mom and her siblings are all taking my grandma's death pretty hard still, so there has been a lot more bickering over the phone lately, which I'm sure will make seeing each other in person so much more fun (/sarcasm). We plan to insert the baby into any stressful situation as kind of a distraction. It should work since everyone is beyond excited to see her, and I'm setting a no fighting in front of the baby rule. The hardest part about this is going to be enforcing my authority as Gabbie's mom this weekend, since these people have been in charge my whole life. I've had to tell my mom numerous times that, okay, we'll go with the flow this weekend, but when push comes to shove I'm the mom, I get to make the rules.

Man, this post is rambly. And just to make it more so, I need your opinions on something completely unrelated.

We really love our daycare. They're organized, the teachers are nice, and they absolutely love Gabbie and it shows. However, lately she's been coming home smelling strongly of perfume. Like, it makes my eyes water sometimes because it's so strong. I'm sure it's because one of the teachers is cuddling her, as the smell is on her head, which she probably rubs on the teacher when she's being held, but still. I don't think my four-month-old needs to smell like she got into my perfume collection. Would you say something? Do you think that there should be some kind of "no strong perfume" rule for the teachers? Also, do you think they'll hate me for complaining? It seems so petty, but she truly is stinky with perfume every day. Yuck.


Cassie said...
October 2, 2008 at 9:28 AM

I know exactly what you mean about asserting yourself as Gabbie's mom. I'm always having issues with my mother-in-law trying to step into that role, and since I'm pretty nonconfrontational, my attempts to assert myself are very subtle and usually go unnoticed. Hopefully it'll go smoothly for you!

As for the daycare/perfume debacle...That's a tough one. If it were me, I know I wouldn't say anything (see above, regarding my nonconfrontational nature) but that doesn't mean I don't think something SHOULD be said. I am not a fan of perfume around babies -- their hair picks up EVERY scent around them, don't you think? I don't think you'd be out of bounds to say something.

I hope everything goes all right this weekend. How exciting that your family will get to meet Gabbie, but what a bittersweet occasion. We're supposed to have beautiful weather down here.

Anonymous said...
October 5, 2008 at 11:06 AM

Wow, that is a tough one, about the perfume. But I think as much as I would hate to say something,it needs to be said. Maybe discreetly to the director of the daycare....that way no fingers are pointed in any direction and perhaps they will implement a new "guideline" about perfume use...keep us updated on how that goes!

Anne in CT

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