Weekend Baking 1.10

There's a local bakery that I've never been to, but always wondered about. It doesn't look very fancy from the outside, but it's one of the most popular places for wedding cakes in town and is apparently fairly expensive. Lately they've started advertising on TV, and their advertisements are convincing enough that I feel I need to visit.

You see, they're advertising new cupcake flavors: peach cobbler, chocolate peanut butter cup, banana cream pie, boston creme pie, and pecan prailine.

I'm thinking I need to go try a few of these so I can determine if their cake is good enough to buy for Aaron's birthday this year (a week before the due date - I am so not expecting to want to bake a cake at that time).

In case I don't get a chance to visit the store and taste test some cup cakes, I can always make these strawberry cupcakes which look and taste incredible. My mom made these for the shower, along with some plain white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, and these were the only ones that were eaten. Plus, they're probably a lot cheaper per dozen than the store-bought kind.


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