Spring has arrived in Michigan, or rather, spring was here and now it's almost summer because that is what the weather feels like. Mid- to upper-70s and sunny is not my idea of spring, and especially not the idea of spring I had in mind when buying my maternity wardrobe. Needless to say I've been uncomfortable and hot lately. Uncomfortable because I've been trying to squeeze into things I have no business squeezing into, and hot because if I get tired of being uncomfortable it means that I have to wear something too heavy for the weather.

So, yesterday afternoon I broke down and had Aaron take me shopping for a few items of clothing to make it through the next few weeks. I feel kind of bad buying maternity items with theoretically less than four weeks left, but I just couldn't deal with it any more. Plus I bought some items that I can wear for the "4th trimester" (which, I have to say, that term bugs me because there's no such thing as a 4th part of something divided into thirds), you know, when I'm still too big for my regular clothes, but will probably look ridiculous in maternity clothes. That being said, it was incredibly depressing to go shopping at this point, because I am too big for half of the maternity clothes I tried on. Seriously.

Clothing issues aside, I am enjoying the warmer weather. My favorite two things about spring are not having to wear a coat or socks, and I definitely don't need either of those things right now. Wait, there's a third thing: opening the windows. We're shut in for so long that a few days of open windows makes everything feel fresh and new. It's wonderful.


L Sass said...
April 21, 2008 at 2:24 PM

You'll be into the "fourth trimester" in no time. Until then--sweatpants. :)

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