The Final Stretch...

Watching A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby is not helping my level of patience for the baby to get here. Less than three weeks left, my third-to-last scheduled prenatal appointment, not being able to breathe very well due to someone taking residence in my rib cage, and some slight cramping this morning are not making me any more patient either.

I just reminded Aaron this morning that we need to take a belly shot - it's been a few weeks since the last one and we never know how many days we have left at this point.

The baby has been in the same position for a while now, and she likes to push her feet or some other small body part out at a spot directly below my ribs on my right side quite a bit. A few times she's pushed so hard and suddenly it caused my eyes to water. No matter how painful, it's still pretty cool too. She been feeling pretty tight in there the past couple of days which I'm guessing means that I'll be growing an even bigger belly pretty soon. At least that's the pattern that we've followed so far.

This past weekend I outgrew my rings. My fingers outgrew my wedding ring a few weeks back, but since my engagement ring is a bit bigger I was able to wear it in the meantime. That changed when we were out and about on Saturday, and I could barely get it off. I decided to take it off for good before it got stuck on my finger.

I've finally gotten a few stretch marks across my belly. At first they were just right above my hips, and that's still where they're worst, but now there's a few low across my belly. I can't see them very well, so I asked Aaron to take a look at them. He lied and said that he couldn't see anything except my beautiful belly. He's very sweet, and taking excellent care of me.

There are only three things we need in order to be completely ready to bring her home. Well, two that we absolutely need, and one that we've been waiting on for a while. The first two things are diapers and diaper rash cream, which are pretty essential. We have some g-Diapers and a few sample Huggies that we've gotten from various places, but the g-Diapers may be a little big and the two Huggies won't last us very long. The other thing we need, still, is a video camera. Aaron is still wavering on his choice, but I think that I'm going to have to put my foot down tonight and make him buy one.

I still have a lot of work to do at my job before they're ready for me to leave, but I'm starting to care less. If I thought the baby was distracting before, she's definitely a huge distraction now. I can barely think about anything else (except food) and I just can't wait to meet her. These past few weeks and the few to come are about the most exciting time I've ever experienced.


Cassie said...
April 29, 2008 at 4:46 PM

I am on the same page as you are with everything! I'm so excited for you -- you're SO CLOSE!! Also, I'm jealous of the fact that you only have "a few" stretch marks. I passed "a few" stretch marks a month ago. You are definitely in the final stretch now...She'll be here before you know it!

L Sass said...
April 29, 2008 at 5:00 PM

Can't wait to see that final(ish) belly shot, girl!

And that BABY!

Anonymous said...
April 30, 2008 at 8:17 AM

I am so excited for you! What is the plan for when you have the baby, in terms of blogging? Will Aaron post for you/us?

Just wondering : )I love reading your story!
Anne in CT (sorry i am anonymous, i don't comment often and I never remember how to sign in!)

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