Weekend Crafting 1.3

Every now and again I stumble across a blog that I could spend days reading, over and over again. Sometimes it's because they're funny, sometimes incredibly interesting, but most often it's because it's a craft or food blog and I start daydreaming about all these wonderful things to make.

Earlier this week, I found a blog that fits that last description: How About Orange. I am absolutely loving this site, and would spend all day browsing her archives if I had the chance.

She features some items on her sidebar, and the one that really caught my attention was a tutorial she put together on making covered thumb tacks. I love little touches like these and they are just so cute and fun! And, it appears, pretty easy to make as well. I might have to head to the fabric store this weekend to pick up the supplies and make myself a batch.

Although, it would probably be a better idea for me to make if I actually had a bulletin board or other use for the tacks.


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