Weekend Crafting 1.2

More Valentines! Edition

Inspired by both Miss Zoot crafting with her daughter and Alica Paulson at Posie gets Cosy, I decided to make a Valentines Day Bunting out of some scrapbook paper I had sitting around.

Paper - in various colors/patterns
Card Stock (I used 8x8, but any size would work)
String, ribbon, or yarn
Hole Punch

Cut out various sized hearts from the different colored/patterned paper. Cut equal sized triangles from the card stock; here's a drawing of the way I drew triangles to cut out, resulting in 6 identical-sized triangles from each 8x8 inch piece of card stock (check out my mad (ha!) Paint skills:

I glued hearts to each triangle in various patterns, punched holes in two corners of each triangle, and strung the triangles on the matching yarn I had in my stash.

The thing I like about this the most? I'm planning on using them as decorations above our baby's crib in a few months. Girly as it is, even Aaron likes it as a decoration.

This is a totally easy craft that could even be done with kids to practice their cutting skills. Hope you enjoy!


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