Also, the dishwasher is still leaking

Today is, again, one of those days. I am having a BAD hair day (shouldn't have experimented with hot rollers), I'm hungry but nothing sounds good, and I forgot to take my COMPUTER with me to work. So I came home. But I have to go back in at noon because of my afternoon full of overlapping meetings. Fun! Add to that the fact that the baby is not kicking as much as I would like her to kick, and you get a day that is not my favorite day.

I also found out that I seriously suck at trying to take pictures of myself using our new tripod. Therefore belly pictures are forthcoming as soon as Aaron comes home tonight and takes a picture of me. Hopefully I will have figured out a way to tame my hair by then.

I take back something I said earlier: something does sound good but I have to wait until Saturday to eat it. I am seriously craving a really good hamburger. I have to wait for Saturday because the restaurant we go to is on the other end of town next to the store where we're registering for the baby, so we don't want to make more trips (on icy roads since we've had so much snow the city is running out of salt) than are absolutely necessary.

On days like today I either need a reset or a fast forward button.



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