New Year's Busy Eve

Who would have thought that the last day of the year would be my busiest in quite a while. I did it to myself, but I have lots of fun things to do today, including:

1. Shower, Primp, Dress
2. Shoe Shopping
3. Craft Supply Shopping
4. Hippie Grocery Store for dishwasher detergent and cosmetics
5. Regular Grocery Store for milk
6. Home again
7. Bake Homemade Oreos
8. Bake Buche de Noel (because I forgot to do it for Christmas)
9. Mix up No-Knead Bread for tomorrow (so easy and delicious too!)
10. Mix up crab dip for tomorrow (we have a big spread for football games (Aaron) and crafting marathon (Jessie))
11. Die of exhaustion because I usually only get one thing done off of my to do list on a daily basis as being pregnant has made me exhausted and apathetic
12. Daydream about baby (throughout day)
13. Work (I have a couple of tasks to wrap up today that I need to have done by Wednesday morning)

Then tomorrow I have to finish up whatever work I didn't get done today, make Crispix Mix (I add a few shakes of Franks Red Hot to spice up the recipe and give it my own twist), craft, snuggle, and do some more daydreaming. I am far to busy for my own good.


Sizzle said...
December 31, 2007 at 12:58 PM

sounds like a lot but lately just making breakfast tires me. ;) take it easy and enjoy the new year!

L Sass said...
January 4, 2008 at 5:57 PM

That is busy, but I'm thinking any day that involves making delicious food and shoe shopping is pretty good!

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