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So...names for the baby. Aaron and I have spoken a lot about names, and while we have a boy's name all picked out (as well as an alternate), we have no girl's name yet and can't seem to agree on one. We've both had plenty of suggestions, but all have been vetoed by the other.

Audrey requested that, since we aren't telling anyone the names we have chosen, I give some baby name rejects. And who am I to deny such a fun request? No one, that's who.

Rejected boys names include:

Matthew, Michael, John (too common)

Sam, Jim, Steve (too many family members with these names)

Ryan, Clint, Joel, Herb (names of my ex-boyfriends, therefore not even worth asking about according to Aaron)

But there weren't that many names we disagreed on for boys. Boy's names are apparently easy for us.

Girl's names, on the other hand...boy are there a lot of rejects

Tiffany, Ashley, Sara(h) (too many people we went to school with had these names)

Brandi, Casey, Nicole, Deborah (names of Aaron's ex-girlfriends)

Molly, Mary, Joanie (too many family members with these names)

Julia, Isabel, Emily (too "old-timey" according to Aaron)

Peyton, Olivia, Lucy (names we actually agreed on at one point but have since removed from the list)

The list just goes on. There are so many that neither of us can recall all of them.

Oh, and then there are names suggested by friends and family:

Skylar, Cheyanne (Aaron's side of the family)

Bob (my 9-year-old cousin, who really didn't care and just gave a suggestion to be excused)

Madeline, Madison (a coworker suggested these, as well as Grace, but I seeing as there's already another famous Grace with our last name, that one was ruled out too)

So, yes. Those are the name rejects for whatever various reasons. But there's always room for suggestions, especially for girls' names so please, suggest away if you're so inclined!

Today's 12 DAYS OF COOKIES recipe uses one of my favorite fun cookie tools: a cookie press. I like pretty much every kind of spritz cookie, the kind of cookies you make with a cookie press, but my favorite is Mint Spritz. They're an easy cookie to make, fun to press out onto the baking sheet, and the recipe always makes a ton. Aaron's mom gave me a nice cookie press when they moved to Florida 1 1/2 years ago, and I have yet to use it, so I'm thinking I need to break it out this year.


L Sass said...
December 5, 2007 at 10:28 AM

All good names to reject, I think, although I plan to have a daughter named Julia--old fashioned or not!

Also, I'm kind of glad that Aaron dated a Brandi, because I don't like that name and wouldn't want to see your cute baby saddled with it!

Isabel said...
December 5, 2007 at 11:32 AM

You rejected Isabel for being to old?! THE HORROR.

(I don't really care, since it's not my real name.)

And we had no problem coming up with girl names...it was the boy names that were hard for us. We settled on Babboo's name because there we no other names.

Dude, naming a kid is HARD!

Katelin said...
December 5, 2007 at 3:28 PM

I really like the name Madison for a girl, don't know why, but it's cute. Good luck choosing names!

Audrey said...
December 6, 2007 at 11:46 AM

I agree with Laurel about Brandi being a pretty awful name. And I think most of your names are good ones to reject.

I do have to disagree with Aaron about Emily being "old-timey," though. Emily has been the most popular girls' name for the last few years, so I'm not sure how it could be considered "old-timey." But, old-timey or too common, still a good reject.

I can't wait to find out what your baby is actually named!

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