Monday Meal Planning (yes, again)


So, yeah. It's freezing outside, literally, and this kind of weather makes me want warm, comfort foods including and especially soup. In honor of me freezing my hiney off every time I even look outside, here are some soup recipes to warm me up, and possibly you too.

Dinner tonight (coincidentally, and probably the impetus for this post) is Vegetarian Lentil Soup with Croutons from this month's issue of Everyday Food (my absolute favorite cooking magazine for simple, delicious dinners and no, they're not paying me to say that). I'm looking forward to it even if Aaron seems suspicious (he doesn't like soggy bread a.k.a. croutons in soup).

I used to work at a locally owned steak and seafood restaurant, and this time of year leaves me craving one of their specialties: French Onion Soup. They served it in a pewter crock with a Holland Toast and covered in melted provolone. (Note to self: make Aaron take me to said restaurant for lunch this weekend.) While I unfortunately do not have their secret recipe to share, this one looks absolutely delicious and not too difficult either. I may have to try it out some day soon (again much to Aaron's chagrin due to the whole "bread-in-soup" issue; crybaby, geez).

For those of you who are picky about soggy bread like my husband, this recipe for Italian Sub Stoup is a tried-and-true favorite in our house. We just leave off the Garlic Toast Floaters and have some Garlic Texas Toast on the side. Aaron loves this one, but it has a lot of meat in it so the fact that he loves is surprises me, oh, not at all. Although I will admit I love it too. It's hard not to love something so tasty. One tip though: if you're going to have leftovers of this soup (which is distinctly possible, as it makes quite a bit) cook the noodles separately and add them to each bowl as you eat it, otherwise they soak up all the liquid and the leftovers aren't nearly as appealing.

My mom got me a hand blender (sounds dangerous, no?) for my birthday last week, so I'm looking for a few good recipes to use that require me to puree the soup. A coworker strongly recommends this Acorn Squash Bisque which I may have to try, however I'm a little wary since making an absolutely horrid butternut squash soup last year. We'll see.

I'm a sucker for tomato soups, and this Roasted Garlic-and-Basil Tomato Soup sounds quite yummy. I already know I'm a fan of this Creamy Tomato-Balsamic Soup. Now if only I could find the TGI Friday's tomato basil soup recipe, I'd be in heaven. That and my favorite local Mediterranean restaurant's rice-and-lentil soup. Man, am I ready for dinner!

And of course, you should serve some cookies for dessert.

Today's 12 DAYS OF COOKIES recipe is for Chocolate-Mint Wafers. I think this one is going on my "to-bake" list this year. In fact, I might make them for an office-decorating party this Friday.

Happy Eating!


Sizzle said...
December 3, 2007 at 6:45 PM

those are like thin mints- mmmm! i might have to make those too. ;)

L Sass said...
December 3, 2007 at 10:05 PM

I want a hand blender SO bad--I'm jealous!

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